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What is United Way?


Founded in 1951, the United Way of Odessa mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.

The basic concept of the United Way is service. 

We fight for the Health, Education and Self-Sufficiency of every Ector County resident by funding local programs ranging in services from counseling and family training to early education development with state approved curriculum to the observement and support of our homeless and elderly community, allowing them to remain irrepressible and in their home.

The United Way of Odessa supports programs in ten counties and forty three zip codes. Through the work of 22 funded programs, we ensure that individual lives and entire neighborhoods are being transformed and on the road to reaching their greatest potential. We are committed to creating lasting, positive change throughout our community. 

Each year, countless of United Way of Odessa volunteers, consisting of Board of Directors, students, and community leaders, work to address critical service needs in Ector County (identified by community surveys) by reviewing and recommending funding proposals for community service programs aligning with the United Way of Odessa's community investment focus points. Through the Community Impact Fund, United Way of Odessa provides financial and community outreach support for projects vital to Ector County.


Additionally, we work with agencies to identify overlapping areas of need and potential collaboration between agencies to eliminate duplication of services and encourage unity of direction and solutions. These agencies are also provided with Venture Grant opportunities, critical support, guidance, new donor and support opportunities and in-kind resources.

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